Promoting the traditional skills and knowledge of the Northern and Hokianga styles of carving in wood, bone and stone, and weaving with a unique blend of beautiful handcrafted MAORI DESIGNED crafts available.



Those of us who live in Hokianga  believe that our designs are taken from what we see in the flow and rythms of our sacred river Hokianga and the mountains that surround us. 



Large Wakahuia Kauri Wood (Trinket Box)  $970-00

Small Wakahuia Kauri (Trinket Box)  $350-00

Cellphone and Glass Holder Ketes  $21-00

Short Handled Ketes $38-00

Medium Coloured and Natural Sized Ketes $56-00

Black & White Traditional Ketes $45-00 to $56-00

Pikau Ketes (Shoulder Bags) $30-00 to $84-00

Flax Potae (Sun Hats) $30-00 to $56-00

  • Weavers can make to order Ketes (Flax Bags) and Whariki (Floor Mats)
  • Greenstone Pendants and Rings are available from time to time. Please enquire. 


We are a group of carvers, weavers, musicians and crafts people who live and work throughout Te Tai Tokerau, ranging from the Rawhiti weavers on the East coast to the carvers and weavers of the Hokianga on the West coast. Our workshop is situated at Citizens' Hall, Tawanui Road in Kaikohe every Friday from 10.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. when traditional taniko weaving and korowai making classes are held. You can find our craftshop at 1 Omapere Road, Kaikohe.

You can also visit the carving studio in Rawene, Hokianga which is in Manning Street, the street that leads to the Rawene Motor Camp. Our workshops are signposted so you will have no trouble finding us.


So come, see, learn, stay and experience the unique and untouched beauty that our sacred river of Hokianga offers. While you sit and watch our beautiful river unfold before you, you can make yourself a unique piece of art straight from the heart of the Hokianga.


  • You can contact us online for orders and visits.



 Manning Street Rawene     


ph 4057779   


Nopera Pikari  Carver/Musician

ph 4055706

email nopera_pikari@yahoo.co.nz.


Tui-Tuia Craft Shop 1 Omapere Road Kaikohe

ph 4011295

Queenie Chadwick/ Trust Co-ordinator/ Graphic Artist/ Free hand                                                

mobile 0211636304

email thunderstorm@xtra.co.nz  


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